Autumn in Rijeka

After a long, hot and eventful summer and the warm enjoyable months, Rijeka offers plenty of opportunities to make the most of the autumn. The scenery of Rijeka and its surroundings is awash with the colours of autumn, which make gorgeous motifs for observing and taking pictures. Make use of the numerous outdoor possibilities and enjoy cycling, walking, diving, sailing and other dynamic outdoor activities before the winter kicks in. Spending time outdoors is definitely one of the most popular autumn activities before the winter and one of the greatest comparative advantages of Rijeka and its entire ring.

Spruced up walkways allow you to take in the atmosphere of this region. Rijeka’s network of walkways is carefully planned to encompass all the city’s most notable sights, thus enabling you to bring together your love of activity with your love of sightseeing. Add to this the love of hiking, since the walkways in Rijeka segue into well-known hiking trails. Rijeka also boasts developed cycling trails.

We recommend that you take the cycling transversal, which is macademised in certain areas and asphalted in others, and connects all the Rijeka Ring destinations, but is it up to you to decide on the level of difficulty. From the sea to the elevated old towns, along the coast and through the woods – this is a point of convergence of many an amenity: recreation, stunning nature, cultural landmarks and embarking on a journey into tradition and a plethora of culinary temptations.
Much like Rijeka and its surroundings, the culinary offering also awakens in the spring with a range of local and original destinations, whose diversity, tradition and fruits of nature provide a plethora of enjoyable opportunities.

Autumn in Kvarner doesn’t just offer a multitude of colours to be enjoyed outdoors, but also myriad indigenous foods that are used in the local cuisine. The culinary offering during the autumn months will be further enhanced with a superb wine selection, because after all, Rijeka does provide outstanding wine and food all year round and especially in the autumn, when it beckons aficionados to savour the delicacies.

Rijeka offers plenty of interesting opportunities in autumn. Enjoy!