The substages feature marked names of indigenous littoral vegetation.

Trail length: 8.7 km

Trail difficulty: 3

Climb: 406 m

Lowest point: 67 m

Highest point: 423 m

G-H Part of the “Along the Rječina” trail / Donja Orehovica – Matešićev mlin
Length: 800 m
Elevation: 63 m
Estimated time (walking): 15 min

H-I-J Hazel and Chrysanthemum Trail / Part of the “Along the Rječina” trail / Matešić Mill – Pašac – Sveta Katarina
Length: 3,2 km
Elevation: 250 m
Estimated time (walking): 1:30 h

J-K-L-M Cornelian Cherry and Yarrow Trail / Sveta Katarina – Veli vrh – Cvetkov trg – Drenova
Length: 4,7 km
Elevation: 350m
Estimated time (walking): 1:45 h


  • Wear appropriate footwear on the demanding trails
  • Stay on the marked hiking routes
  • Follow the weather forecast
  • Take enough drinking water, refreshments
  • During the summer protect yourself from the sun
  • Preserve the countryside
  • You use the trails at your own risk

Emergency number / 112

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