As part of the Rijeka walkway project, the first stage of the walkways, ranging from Plumbum, through Lower and Upper Vežica, to Sveti Križ and Strmica, all the way to Trsat, was opened in 2011. The substages feature marked names of indigenous littoral vegetation.

Trail length: 6.7 km

Trail difficulty: 2

Climb: 223 m

Lowest point: 38 m

Highest point: 212 m

Asfalt:80 %


A-B Nettle and Rosemary Trail / Plumbum – Podvežica
Length: 1,5 km
Elevation: 80 m
Estimated time (walking): 30 min

B-C Pine and Heather Trail / Podvežica – Gornja Vežica
Length:  750 m
Elevation: 65 m
Estimated time (walking): 40 min

C-D Maple and Mallow Trail / Gornja Vežica – Sveti Križ
Length: 1,5 km
Elevation: 130 m
Estimated time (walking): 40 min

D-E Ash and Rosehip Trail / Sveti Križ – Sveta Ana
Length: 750 m
Elevation: 80 m
Estimated time (walking): 15 min

E-F Oak and Sage Trail / Sveta Ana –Trsat
Length:  2 km
Elevation: 100 m
Estimated time (walking):  45 min


  • Wear appropriate footwear on the demanding trails
  • Stay on the marked hiking routes
  • Follow the weather forecast
  • Take enough drinking water, refreshments
  • During the summer protect yourself from the sun
  • Preserve the countryside
  • You use the trails at your own risk

Emergency number / 112

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