The Lazaret located in present day Krešimirova Street was used between 1725 and 1812. In that period it was one of the most modern maritime health facilities on the Adriatic coast. It was built in the city suburbs of that period, just a few steps from Rijeka’s Mandrać port in which smaller boats could be moored. If a boat arrived from a risky area in terms of health, passengers and goods would remain at the lazaret for 40 days, which was sufficient enough time to determine if they had brought contagious diseases with them.

Although the lazaret complex has not been used for a number of years for its initial purpose, its impressive entrance doorway on the main street has been preserved. Rijeka architect, Antonio de Verenda, designed the complex as a Late Baroque building. Today it is used as the headquarters of the city’s fire department. And not just any old firemen – this was the first firemen’s unit in Croatia and was founded in Rijeka in 1863 as the professional city firemen’s unit.

Address: Krešimirova ulica





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