The Routes of the Frankopans



Don’t miss the chance to acquaint yourself with medieval Rijeka and Kvarner through a story of the medieval Croatian noble family, the Frankopans. Be sure to visit their citadels, fortified walled cities and castles as well. Familiarise yourself with this region’s way of life in the Middle Ages and experience it in a tour, through tales and food… Citadels, sea fortifications, endowments… The battles, the victories and defeats, diplomatic games and conspiracies, personal dramas, and national turning points… The starting point of your tour can be any of the following: Rijeka, Krk, Vinodol or Gorski Kotar. The adventure trail is exhilarating and it’s called The Routes of the Frankopans. The Routes of the Frankopans project, which the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and its 12 partners have been diligently working on since 2005, has resulted in the rehabilitation, reconstruction and bringing life back to the inherited Frankopan sites. The “Routes of the Frankopans” cultural-tourist route encompasses 17 citadels, fortified walled cities and castles (the citadels and castles of Gradec, Krk, Grobnik, Trsat, Drivenik, Grižane and Bakar, the tower in Bribir, the Tower Citadel of Kvadrac Novi Vinodolski, the Zrinski family Citadel in Brod na Kupi, Zrinski Old Town in Kraljevica, Old Town Ledenice, Old Town Hreljin, the castles of Nova Kraljevica, Severin and Stara Sušica and the Zrinski Family Castle in Čabar) along with three sacral complexes (the Košljun Franciscan Monastery with the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Crikvenica Pauline Monastery, and the Gomirje Serbian Orthodox Monastery). Among these sites, the following eight will include interpretation centres: the Zrinski Family Castle in Čabar, the Grobnik Castle, the Trsat Castle, the Bakar Castle, the Nova Kraljevica Castle, the Zrinski Citadel in Brod na Kupi, the Tower in Bribir and the Krk Citadel. The “Nova Kraljevica” Castle in Kraljevica is already home to a Visitor centre.

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