Tower Center Rijeka



Tower Center Rijeka has over 125,000 square meters of available area, with more than 120 stores and 11 megastores currently active. The shopping gallery extends to five floors of an elegant and functional space where you can find a remarkable selection of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories from the well-known global brands, sport equipment, a wide offer of home appliances, a pharmacy and a currency exchange point. Besides that, Tower Center Rijeka is a pleasant place for entertainment. Within the mall there are numerous gastro facilities, a multiplex cinema and many other areas for entertainment during leisure-time. Outside of the shopping area, but as a part of the Center, there is also a playroom, bowling alley and restaurant, in the area of over 2,000 m2.

Tower Center Rijeka is located in Rijeka, at a pleasant residential neighborhood Pećine, only a kilometer away from the city center. The mall can be reached by car or public transport (bus line number 1; direction Pećine). The mall has over 2,000 indoor parking spots available, all free of charge. Via the highway exit Rijeka-East, Tower Center Rijeka is well-connected with a surrounding area and the wider region.






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