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Rijeka’s Galleries and Shops
Rijeka’s souvenirs can be found in chosen galleries and shops that have received the “Originally from Rijeka” and “Unique quality” labels – Mala galerija Bruketa (Užarska 25), Atelijer Rogić (Užarska 15b), Madeliefie Art by Antea Delpin ( Sokol kula 4b), gift-shops in the department stores Korzo and Ri, in Tisak i iNovine kiosks and at Jeweller Grubišić (Matije Gupca 15a).

Šta da?!
The “Šta da?!” store is originally from Rijeka. The assortment of bags, T-shirts, pillows and jewellery with this slogan has grown from a local catchphrase into a recognizable brand. The store is located in the Old Town, at the very centre of Rijeka.
Address: Užarska 14

Fan Shop FC Rijeka
Address: Pavla Rittera Vitezovića 1b

Laurin kutak (Laura’s Corner)
This gallery/souvenir shop/stationery shop is located in the very centre of Trsat, in one of the most beautiful parts of the city of Rijeka, between the Trsat Sanctuary and the elementary school. Laura’s Corner offers unique original works by local artists, local arts and crafts – pottery, paintings, jewellery and lots of other little things that will ever be a permanent reminder of your stay in Rijeka.
Address: Slavka Krautzeka bb

Croatia in a Box
Croatia in a Box offers the best in Croatian gastronomy, design and culture. At the Croatia in a Box souvenir shop, which is located right next to St. Vitus’ Cathedral, you will find Croatian-designed clothes, bags, jewellery, decorative and practical items, sweet and savoury treats made by our small-scale producers, authentic Croatian toys and other high-quality souvenirs. The shop also frequently organizes presentations and tastings of products, as well as various promotions and educational and creative workshops pertaining to product presentations.
Address: Grivica 6a

Primorsko-goranska Kašetica
“Primorsko-goranska Kašetica” is a brand that gathers makers of traditional products in our county, as well as a newly-opened exposition-presentation centre for traditional products on the first floor of “Primorska kuća” – or the House of Primorje. Kašetica’s goal is to become a place for knowledge exchange, as well as a centre for all traditional product makers, but also creative endeavours of kindred associations, institutions and citizens of the county, based on products that promote environmentally-friendly production and advance the ideas of developing environmental awareness and sustainable tourism.
Address: Krojačka 1

Croatia records
When buying a work of art from an artist, you are buying more than the object itself. You are buying hundreds of hours of failure, years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are not merely buying a thing, you are buying a part of someone’s heart, soul and life.
Address: Trg 128 brigade Hrvatske vojske 3a

Suvenir shop Angelo
* Souvenir * olive oil * honey * rakija *
Address: Bazarigov prolaz 2b

Gifter Souvenir Shop

Adress: Slavka Krautzeka 1








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