Shopping – city centre



One way of getting to know a city is to have a look at its stores and local products. Taking a light stroll through Rijeka City centre with intermittent respites in some of its many cafes will surely help you find everything you need.

In the city centre, you will eventually come to Rijeka’s main walkway, the Korzo, where you will find numerous retail stores.

Another place where you can buy everything you need is one of Rijeka’s largest shopping centres, the Korzo and Ri department stores, where you will find shops offering products from a variety of manufacturers.

If you want to buy a souvenir, a little something to remind you of your good times in our city, you can pay a visit to the souvenir shops and buy souvenirs with pertaining quality labels. In an effort to facilitate the recognition of souvenirs that offer an above-average amenity and artistic value, we have designed the “Unique quality” and “Originally from Rijeka” quality labels.

Products from Rijeka entitled to use these labels boast of features that meet a set of strict criteria, and are typical of Rijeka. Be sure you also visit the favourite place of Rijeka’s citizens, the city farmer’s market, with its rich range of fresh produce and authentic local products.

After all the shopping, you’ll certainly need some refreshment, which awaits you in one of Rijeka’s excellent catering establishments featuring a great gastro offer.






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