National Hero’s Park



Trsat Park extends covers an area stretching from 95 to 145 metres above sea level. This tiny small part of nature preserved in the city was created in the period between the two world wars (in 1926) according to the design of following the project bythe architect, Zlatko Prikril and the horticultural expert, Josip Kulfanek, known famous for his use ofplanting autochthonous plants and respecting the park’s natural rocky landscape. The park consists of two parts;, it covers a surface area of 45.,000 m² and the union offorms a harmonious whole made up of pine-trees, cypresses and evergreen shrubs, surrounded by coniferous a deciduous forest. are in perfect harmony. On the highest plateau of the park there is a A memorial ossuary can be found on the highest level of the park as a symbolin memory for of the victims who fought fighting against fascism, and there is also a playground for younger visitorschildren where with swings, seesaws and other such attractionssimilar playground attractions can be found.






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