Ploech Palace



The luxurious city palace of Annibale Ploech, one of the four most important men connected to the torpedo works, was built in 1888 based on the design of the notable Rijeka architect, Giacomo Zammatti. Drawn together at the Stabilimento Tecnico Fiumano Company, Whitehead, Luppis, Ciotta and Ploech increased the city’s reputation by inventing the torpedo, and marked its fast industrialisation and urban construction in a way that they themselves invested in the construction of monumental city palazzos and cultural institutions.

The copper cornered dome of the palazzo is influenced by the luxurious archetypes of the Viennese Ring architecture which was a frequent motif in Zammatti’s designs. Even the interior main stairway of the building is carefully decorated with Neo-Baroque stucco works and ornamental iron balustrades.

Address: Trpimirova ul. 6, 51000, Rijeka





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