Schittar and Milcenich-Cerniak houses



When Giovanni Schittar’s two floored house on Korzo became a three floored house in 1905, its new facade smiled at Korzo in Art Nouveau style. This was a metaphorical transformation of the street facade of the building into a vertical garden. In the form of shallow reliefs, climbing roses blossomed on the facade, olive branches and climbing lilies appeared around the windows, and at the height of the second floor there are irises while the third floor level was dedicated to the leaves of acanthus. This was all designed by the architect, Emilio Ambrosini.

Ambrosini did not disappoint those Korzo passengers who were fond of flora when he accepted the project to redesign the facade of the nearby three floored building in the same year. On the ground floor of the Antonio Milcenich house there was a shop whose window was made of glass and protected by wrought iron railings with motives of small chaplets and tendrils. Above the ground floor, chestnut leaves, laurel branches and tendrils grew abundantly.

Address: Korzo 23





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