St. George the Martyr’s Church



Along the back side of the parish office you can come to the oldest Trsat church–St. George the Martyrs. The access road is typically paved with sea pebbles, which was common up to the late 19th century. The present appearance of the church is the result of the reconstruction carried out in the 19th century, however, the remains of the original building that lay hidden in its archaeological strata were mentioned in the 13th century, but probably belong to an even earlier period.

Its location indicates that its origin is linked to the Castle. But, as early as in the High Middle Ages, the Church of St. George the Martyr’s served as the parish church for Trsat and has maintained this status until today. You do not have to go back, but from the front of the church you can continue uphill along narrow steps and follow a path which leads towards the Castle.

Address: Ul. Petra Zrinskog 11





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