Adria Palace



The Adria Palace is a symbol of Rijeka’s maritime power. In the period of its construction it was proclaimed as a facility that would be the most beautiful and richest building in Rijeka. That aspiration was shown by the Adria Steamboat Association. The architectural solution was offered by Franjo Matiasić, and the large building was erected in 1895.

The palace has two front facades. One is turned towards the port and the other in the opposite direction, towards the Jadranski Square. Both are inspired by the High Renaissance architecture. The monumentality of the building is emphasised by Baroque portals with stone pillars above which sculptures are located. On the sea side, these sculptures are allegories of seamanship which represents statues of captains, steersmen, engine men and pilots. The front facade towards the square shows the allegories of those continents with which the company was connected with boat lines. An image of a Japanese woman represents Asia, an image of an American Indian woman represents America, an image of an Egyptian woman represents Africa and an image of an Iceland woman represents Europe.

Address: Jadranski trg 51000, Rijeka





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