Braun-Biro Palace



Bernard Braun and Danijel Biro’s house displays its picturesque facade close to the main city market. Its current appearance dates back to 1905. At that time, the architect Giovanni Rubinich gave it the features of the Neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau styles within the complete adaptation of the building. On the street facade of the renovated residential facility, a large central bow window with balconies dominates. The eye is drawn to the rich Art Nouveau decoration as well.

There are mascarons in the form of women’s heads, with reliefs with the symbol of the god Mercury, the relief sings of craft-guild associations, the meander motif, a doorway decorated with wooden doors and other interesting visual elements. The Braun-Biro Palace provided the short street where it is located with a very rich setting. This setting has been reminding the present day’s busy passengers of the different, less hurrying times.

Address: Verdijeva ul. 19A





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