Casa rossa



The Casa rossa (Red House) was built before the people coming from the sea at the entrance to the Mrtvi kanal Channel in 1903.

It was erected within the urban shaping of space between the main city market and the new theatre building. The space was created by land reclamation, which meant taking it from the sea. The City government decided to build a new urban area here which signified a complex of a number of large residential buildings.

The construction project was begun by the architect Venceslao Celligoi. The Casa rossa was built in his recognisable manner. The front facade is made of picturesque red brick, with rhythmically placed balcony frames and white stone details. From one side it faces the sea and from the other the Mrtvi kanal, the Red House still reflects its huge, five floored-facade in the sea waves.

Address: Zagrebačka ul. 1, 51000, Rijeka





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