City Hall



The building where the current City Hall operates is the former City Savings Bank building. Tenders for its design were officially and publicly invited in 1912, and the construction was completed at the very beginning of the First World War, in 1914. The building was erected as a residential and business structure.

The architectural design of the interior is the work of the Messinger brothers and Ernest Fratriscevits from Budapest, whilst its front facade was designed by Bruno Slokovich. As a Rijeka engineer, Slokovich, was closer to the client’s expectations, who wanted the building to represent historical Italian construction styles. In the post-war period, the City Savings Bank building became the property of the Banco di Roma. As the current centre of the City government, the building is one of the most prominent visual and political sights of Rijeka’s city centre.

Address: Korzo 16, 51000, Rijeka





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