Corso cinema and theatre



The Corso cinema and theatre appeared on Korzo in 1913, based on the design of the owner of the facility, Francesco Mattiassi. In order to make that happen, Mattiassi reconstructed two existing houses and the new building emerged within the street line of older buildings. The cinema hall was opened on the ground floor of the new residential and business building and was furnished in a completely modern way at the time. It had central heating, electric illumination, state-of-the-art devices for the projection of “movable images”, as well as safety exits and hydrants in case of fire.

Entrances for the orchestra and balcony were separate from those for boxes and reserved seats. When the hall was opened, it became one of the most visited city gathering points. Above it and above the mezzanine there were four floors with elite apartments. Each floor had one apartment spreading over 160 square metres. The balconies on the first and fourth floors spread along the entire width of the building.

Address: Korzo 38





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