Rijeka skyscraper



The skyscraper that dominates the square on the western end of the Korzo was built during the Second World War, in 1942. It was an investment by Enrico de Arbori, a returned migrant, who had migrated to the USA and became rich in the period of prohibition. A rumour spread through the city that the money invested in the construction of the skyscraper was earned by de Arbori’s father, who worked as Al Capone’s accountant.

The builder believed that the investment in the residential and business tower would bring him a good profit. The project was consigned to Trieste architect, Umberto Nordio, who is the same architect who built Trieste’s University. Nordio designed a modern building, following the outlines of contemporary state art. The first six floors were dedicated to companies and institutions, and the upper eight to rich residents. De Arbori never received the returns for his investments because in the war period he was compelled to save his own life and leave the city. However, he left Rijeka its first skyscraper.

Address: Trpimirova 2





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